May Prime Gaming decals and style added in


It looks like we’re getting another collaboration in this month’s Prime Gaming bundle. This is all I could find for now, but there is a new prime gaming medal, a 2d style, decal and inscription.


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New Decals in 1.12.1

Some new Decals were added in update 1.12.1

This first set I believe will be paired with the new 2D styles Asian Delights, Celadon Pottery, Chinese Porcelain, and Kimono.

Read more here: Cable_Player – World of Tanks (

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Coming soon in World of Tanks

Coming soon in World of Tanks!

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Update 1.12.1
Czech Heavy Tanks
Girls und Panzer Collaboration
Ruinberg Map Changes
Minsk Map Redesign
Asian Delights 2D Style
Celadon Pottery 2D Style
Chinese Porcelain 2D Style
Kimono 2D Style
T-34 Model 1940
AltProto AMX 30
A43 BP Prototype

Update 1.12.1

Update 1.12.1 will go onto the EU servers on Wednesday morning!
(Servers unavailable 21st from 00:30 to 07:30 UTC)

Leading up to update 1.13 there will be Tournaments, Steel Hunter, Brawl 7v7 and Clan Rivals and a Spring Challenge (marathon).

I believe the marathon will be for the VIII Škoda T 56. It’s had three iterations on the SuperTest in a short period of time and the VII Škoda T45 has very recently been available in the Ranked Battles shop – this could also indicate the release date of ...

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Black Market 2021

The Black Market ran from March 3rd 16:00 UTC to March 11th 12:00 UTC

This was my first Black Market event and I was looking forward to it. I reported on each deal as soon as it was available, as well as leaks and speculative deals leading up to the event.

There were three types of deals:

  1. Sale – A straight up sale. You would see the tank on the hour, and be able to purchase it at five minutes past the hour. These sold out in seconds.
  2. Closed Auction – A regular auction.
  3. Open Auction – An auction were the median bid is displayed (as a competitive bid), as well as the number of bidders.

A day or so prior to the first deal, images of tanks were found in the game files:

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[EVENT GUIDE] Battlepass Season 4

Battle Pass: 15.03.21 03:00 UTC – 23.06.21 01:30 UTC+1

Three ways to buy premium battle pass:

  1. 2,500 per stage (3 stages total),
  2. £19.85 for all 3 stages, or
  3. £34.21 option includes all 3 stages and 250 per day for 30 days (must play at least 1 battle per day) – you cannot buy this package if you have already bought one of the previous two!

Key info:

  • 250 per level to skip a level + 150 levels total = 37,500 : to go from 0% to 100%.
  • After you have unlocked your rewards you do not have to pick them straight away. You can choose them at any time during the season.
  • Items for tokens shop closes December 19th. Left over will be converted 1to 100
    • This means you can save your tokens throughout the year, there will be two more battle pass season before December 19th.
    • Remember, prices for ta...
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[EVENT GUIDE] WoT [EU] Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday, EU!
April 10th 05:00 UTC – April 20th 05:00 UTC

Day 1:

  • 3 days of Premium
  • x1 training booklet (20k)
  • x1 training booklet (20k)
  • x1 training booklet (20k)

Day 2:

  • 5 Large Repair Kits
  • x5 Large First Aid Kits
  • x5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • x2 Demounting Kits

Day 3:

  • Toldi III   Tier III, with 100% crew & garage slot
  • x9 Anniversary “large Spots” camouflages
  • x3 Personal Reserves: 50% XP 1hr

Day 4:

  • x5 Personal Reserves: 100% XP 1hr
  • x5 Personal Reserves: 200% Crew XP 1hr
  • x1 training booklet (20k)
  • x1 training booklet (20k)
  • x1 training booklet (20k)

Day 5:

  • x1 Garage slot
  • x5 Personal Reserves: 300% Free XP 1hr
  • Day 6:
  • x3 Extra Combat Rations
  • x3 Case of Cola
  • x3 Chocolate
  • x3 Pudding and Tea

Day 7:

  • x5 Personal Reserves: 300% Free XP 1hr
  • x1 training booklet (20k)
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[EVENT GUIDE] 60th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Legendary Flight


Progression Tracking + Reward Redemption Website: [CLICK]

WoT EU News article: [CLICK]

On Sale:

  •  E75 TS
  •  IS-3A
  •  T34
  •  FCM 50t
  •  Caernarvon AX
  •  112

All bundles come with:

  • 100% crew,
  • Garage slot,
  • 2,500 ,
  • ‘First Spaceflight’ 2D Style,
  • 25 x5 missions for the tank, and
  • 1,800 ‘Star Points’ (Event currency, enough to complete the event and unlock Yuri Gagarin)

There are also non-tank bundles available featuring gold, credits and star points.

The missions must be completed on the day. They are all “over any number of battles” unless stated otherwise.

April 7th (x2)1. Be top 7 by XP
April 8th1. Be top 10 by XP
2. Damage 5 enemy vehicles
April 9th
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Essential WoT Mods

World of Tanks has a plethora of mods available to download which can help to enhance your gameplay. I use Aslain’s WoT Modpack, and here is a list of (most of) the Mods I use from that Modpack. This will probably end up being a wall of text as I scroll down the modpack installer and see which ones I have installed. I thought I didn’t have that many installed, but I do! >.<


I don’t have many XVM related changes whilst in-battle. My stat panels don’t have any of the XVM WN8/Win rate/ battles stats – I found I was focusing too much on these, so disabled them. I do, however, have the HP bars enabled under L.ALT, default hitlog and damage log, and the minimap changes below:

  • 50m radius auto-detection circle (white)
  • 445m maximum detection range circle (yellow)
  • 564m maximum drawing distance ...
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the action of delaying or postponing something.
“your first tip is to avoid procrastination”

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