Essential WoT Mods

World of Tanks has a plethora of mods available to download which can help to enhance your gameplay. I use Aslain’s WoT Modpack, and here is a list of (most of) the Mods I use from that Modpack. This will probably end up being a wall of text as I scroll down the modpack installer and see which ones I have installed. I thought I didn’t have that many installed, but I do! >.<


I don’t have many XVM related changes whilst in-battle. My stat panels don’t have any of the XVM WN8/Win rate/ battles stats – I found I was focusing too much on these, so disabled them. I do, however, have the HP bars enabled under L.ALT, default hitlog and damage log, and the minimap changes below:

  • 50m radius auto-detection circle (white)
  • 445m maximum detection range circle (yellow)
  • 564m maximum drawing distance circle (red)
  • dynamic view range circle (blue)
  • vehicle direction line (long & thin green)
  • camera direction line (white line w/dots every 100m)
  • icons for destroyed tanks
  • vehicle names (w/ dynamic HP circle under ALT)
  • zoom to “very large” when L.CTRL is pressed

I also have the aim time and flight time and splash sphere when I’m aiming with SPG’s. These are extremely helpful – you can’t always get a direct hit, so the splash sphere shows if you might get some splash damage by hitting the ground next to the enemy. The flight time is handy for shooting moving targets too!

My sixth sense icon and sound are unchanged, but it shows for 10 seconds. This helps me gauge if I’m still spotted, but you have to be careful because if you’re spotted for 5 seconds, the icon will disappear 5 seconds later, but you’d still be spotted for another 5 after that!

I’ve always had a hard time easily determining how many of each class of tank is on each team. I have them color-coded: Red = Heavy, Yellow = Medium, Green = Light, Blue = Tank Destroyer, Pink = SPG. Pressing L.ALT will split the list to tell me how many of each there are on each team – so I don’t even have to count!

This is mirrored on the team panels – each tank has a custom contour icon:

My score board shows the alive player count, instead of team frags, which is another handy mod which eliminates the need for quick maths. It means I can easily see how many people are left alive on each team.

XVM Garage

I don’t have my account statistics in the garage – I don’t need to constantly see these. I do, however, have the tank carousel set to 4 normal rows with Battle-Tiers, Mastery Mark, Marks of Excellence, Win Rate, Played battles, Average damage & Wn8 expected tank damage.

These are useful for when I’m trying to improve – I can see my average damage and mark % increasing over time, and having 4 rows means I don’t need to constantly change filters to play the tanks I want.

The tanks are sorted by Tier, Nation, Class, and the rows are scaled down to 0.8.

A couple of other quality-of-life mods: Hide “General” chat button, show prive button in tech tree & research page, show mastery mark on the tech tree, crew auto-return (xvm), 24h garage clock.


  • In my opinion, the default zoom-out distance is not far enough, so I have it set to 100m. This helps me by enabling me to see a little more of the battle field when I need to.
  • Marks of Excellence Calculator – I have this installed, but only have the tooltip expected values enabled when I’m not actively attempting to mark a tank. With just the tooltip enabled I can quickly see my progress and what I need to get to 65%, 85% and 95%.
  • My “requesting fire marker” is a yellow arrow both above the tank and on the minimap. This is clearer than the default, which I found I was missing.
  • Hitmarker! I initially installed this for a laugh, but have found it to be very helpful. If I hit (and penetrate) a visible tank, the “tick” from call of duty sound will play, along with showing the “X”. I don’t always pay attention to the battle notifications, as even moving my eyes just a little to read the text can take my attention away from the fight. With the hitmarker, it provides a visual and audible cue to tell me I’ve done some damage.
  • Hidden parameters – this shows me extra stats for shells you otherwise wouldn’t see in their tooltip: The minimum/maximum penetration, splash radius etc.
  • Enemy silhouette colors are magenta, instead of red. Another mod I enabled just for a bit of change, but I find it’s easier to see than the default red.
  • Crew experience by Spoter – another mod I disable all of the options for because I only use one of the features: Total xp remaining for level (instead of for 1%). It’s a little soul crushing seeing my best crew requires 6m XP to hit 100% of their current skill, but I’d rather see that than be sat there waiting to hit each individual %!
  • Battle Hits viewer – this is very useful, as I can go back and see if I was exposing part of my tank I could have been hiding better, and over time it enables me to see where people shoot specific tanks the most.
  • Replays manager – this provides a much easier way for me to upload and view replays. If I have a game crash after a battle, or want to view the results of a past battle, this enables me to find them easily.
  • YasenKrasen session stats – I use this to see how I’m doing with each tank in a session (I have it set to reset at 06:00). I don’t focus too much on my WN8, but do try to improve, and I can see how I’m doing each day.
  • Wide map borders – I found I was struggling to see the map borders properly when I first started playing, so enabled this mod to make it obvious where they were – I haven’t turned it off since.

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