[EVENT GUIDE] 60th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Legendary Flight


Progression Tracking + Reward Redemption Website: [CLICK]

WoT EU News article: [CLICK]

On Sale:

  •  E75 TS
  •  IS-3A
  •  T34
  •  FCM 50t
  •  Caernarvon AX
  •  112

All bundles come with:

  • 100% crew,
  • Garage slot,
  • 2,500 ,
  • ‘First Spaceflight’ 2D Style,
  • 25 x5 missions for the tank, and
  • 1,800 ‘Star Points’ (Event currency, enough to complete the event and unlock Yuri Gagarin)

There are also non-tank bundles available featuring gold, credits and star points.

The missions must be completed on the day. They are all “over any number of battles” unless stated otherwise.

April 7th (x2)1. Be top 7 by XP
April 8th1. Be top 10 by XP
2. Damage 5 enemy vehicles
April 9th1. Earn 2000 base XP
2. Be top 10 by XP
April 10th1. Win 2 battles,
2. Be top 10 by XP
April 11th1. Earn at least 600 base XP (in a single battle)
April 12th (x2)1. Destroy at lease one enemy vehicle in a battle
2. Be top 10 by XP
April 13th1. Be top 5 by damage
April 14th1. Cause 7 criticle hits
2. Be top 10 by XP
April 15th1. Destroy 5 enemy vehicles
2. Be top 10 by damage
April 16th (x3)1. Be top 7 by damage caused
April 17th1. Score 15 penetrating hits on enemies
2. Be top 10 by XP
April 18th1. Deal 7,500 damage to enemies
2. Be top 10 by XP

Each completed mission awards you 150 Star Points (1800 total) and two inscriptions.

  Personal Rewards

Each level costs 300 Star Points All reserves are 1 hour duration reserves Each level also rewards x3 x5 XP missions for any vehicle

11 day of Premium,
x3 300% Free XP reserves
23 Garage slots,
x3 300% Crew XP reserves
3First Spaceflight 2D style,
x3 100% combat XP reserves
4x1 USSR training guide (100k XP),
x3 50% credit reserves
5 Yuri Gagarin, with 0 perk and enough XP for a second,
x1 Universal manual (250k XP)
Other RewardsAvailableStar Points Cost
Personal Training Manual (850k XP)11800
First Spaceflight 2D Style2850
Moon viewing 2D Style2450
Into Space! 2D Style2450
x3 50% credits personal reserve4450
x5 x5 missions for any vehicle5300
Personal Reserves:
100% combat XP,
300% crew XP, and
300% free XP
1 Day of Premium6300
3 Launch Vehicle decals10150
Large Consumable bundle:
Large Repair Kit,
Large First Aid Kit, and
Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Common progression rewards

All players points are counted towards these rewards. Progress can be tracked and rewards claimed [HERE]

You must complete at least 1 daily mission to be eligible for the rewards! Stage 1-4 reward a Decal and crew skin and stage 5 rewards a medal and decal.

StageTotal Star PointsRewards





Into Space! 2D style

First Spaceflight 2D style

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