[EVENT GUIDE] Battlepass Season 4

Battle Pass: 15.03.21 03:00 UTC – 23.06.21 01:30 UTC+1

Three ways to buy premium battle pass:

  1. 2,500 per stage (3 stages total),
  2. £19.85 for all 3 stages, or
  3. £34.21 option includes all 3 stages and 250 per day for 30 days (must play at least 1 battle per day) – you cannot buy this package if you have already bought one of the previous two!

Key info:

  • 250 per level to skip a level + 150 levels total = 37,500 : to go from 0% to 100%.
  • After you have unlocked your rewards you do not have to pick them straight away. You can choose them at any time during the season.
  • Items for tokens shop closes December 19th. Left over will be converted 1to 100
    • This means you can save your tokens throughout the year, there will be two more battle pass season before December 19th.
    • Remember, prices for tanks may change between seasons!

Battle Pass Points

This season has a change to how you can earn Battle Pass points and reward vehicle tokens. Instead of earning reward vehicle tokens from Steel Hunter and Frontline, you now earn Battle Pass points instead, and the Battle Pass rewards have tokens for the vehicles. This means no grinding a game mode you don’t enjoy just for the tokens! You can also earn bonus Battle Pass points from daily missions and Steel Hunter.

Random Battles

Position (XP)VictoryDefeat/Draw
Top 375
Top 1053

Steel Hunter


Daily Missions

Level I7
Level II10
Level III15
Special (45)0

Point Limits

TierPoint LimitPoint Limit Bonus

Battle Pass Core Vehicles

Object 705A

Position (XP)VictoryDefeat/Draw
Top 386
Top 1064


Position (XP)VictoryDefeat/Draw
Top 397
Top 575
Top 1053


Position (XP)VictoryDefeat/Draw
Top 3108
Top 1053

Rewards (with premium pass)
(Not reward order!)

  • 69 Premium Days
  • 7,950,000
  • 3,000
  • 18 (9 on free progression , 9 on premium progression)
  • 6 Class 1 Equipment. (3 Mobility or Scouting, 3 Firepower or Survivability)
  • 3 Bounty Equipment:
    • Bounty Aiming
    • Bounty Rammer
    • Bounty Gun Laying Drive
    • Bounty Ventilation
    • Bounty Optics
    • Bounty Stabilizer
    • Bounty Protection Technology
    • Bounty Rotation Mechanism
  • 9 Garage Slots
  • 3 Unique Crew – one at stage 50, 100 and 150
    • Brothers In Arms as a 0 Perk
    • Enough XP for 2 skills 
    • Chose nation and specialization

x3 progressive 3D styles

(1 per battle pass stage, 4 progression stages each)

Obj. 705A  “Polar Bear

121 = “Ice Breaker

T110E3 = “Welsh Blues”

x3 2D styles


Ice Coat

White Desert

x3 Decals, (6 of each)

x1 Medal for completing the battle pass

Personal Reserves

  • x36 Crew XP 200% 1hr
  • x36 Vehicle XP 100% 1hr
  • x36 Free XP 300% 1hr
  • x36 Credits 50% 1hr


  • x150 Universal Fragments
  • x90 National Fragments
    Chose nation, x6 at a time


  • x12 20k
  • x15 100k
  • x3 850k
    That’s 1.74m in 20k & 100k’s plus an additional 2.55m in 850k’s!


  • x30 Orderly Ammo Rack
  • x15 Vent Purge
  • x15 Stab. Greasing

Tier IX Reward Tanks

Kunze Panzer – Unique Sniper/Siege mode – 18

K-91-PT – 12

Object 777 Version II – 9

Char Futur 4 – 9

AE Phase I – 9


All reward vehicles come with a free-to-use infinite Large Repair Kit

You cannot earn more than 18 this season, but you can save your tokens up throughout the year. You must spend them before December 19th! In my opinion, the 1 = 100 is not a good conversion!

https://tinyurl.com/wotbps4 (spreadsheet I threw together from the link below)


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