New Decals in 1.12.1

Some new Decals were added in update 1.12.1

This first set I believe will be paired with the new 2D styles Asian Delights, Celadon Pottery, Chinese Porcelain, and Kimono.

Read more here: Cable_Player – World of Tanks (

This next set is titled “Victory Day“. I believe it is related to Veterans Day / VE Day, which is May 8th. May 8th 1945 was when WWII ended in Europe.

The Victory Day decals also have a 2D style.

This set is related to the upcoming Girls und Panzer collaboration.

I’m not sure about this next set. It’s clearly a ranking system – likely part of rewards for an upcoming event.

This last set doesn’t appear to belong to a group. It’s fun to see that WG are noticing people using the teeth and band-aid “X” to make faces on their tanks, and are now giving us some eyes with eyebrows! And, of course, the 2 key!

This last decal I believe is related to the upcoming 7v7 brawl mode.

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